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Allow us to troubleshoot, diagnose, configure, update, and, support our services/systems or any existing system setup!

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Support Services By Optical Voltage, Inc.

Optical Voltage, Inc. is in the business of providing support. It's at the core of everything we do. Aside from supporting our installs with routine maintenance we offer support services in the form of one-off calls and ongoing support contracts for both our services and the system installs from other companies.

How Our Support Services Work

For clients without a support contract:
  1. We charge an initial site visit at a minimum of one service hour to arrive onsite. This charge is factored into the overall diagnostic fee.
  2. We begin a throughout diagnostic assessment of the system in question.
  3. We present a troubleshooting solution plan with a total cost estimate
  4. We implement the solution plan
  5. We solve your system problem.
For clients with a support contract:
  1. Our process is similar to clients without contracts except support contracts offer the benefits of fixed fees and routine maintenance.

Benefits Of Low Voltage Support Services By Optical Voltage, Inc.

  • Optical Voltage offers warranties on our services.
  • All our technicians utilize industry best practices.
  • Optical Voltage strives to provide the most affordable support services.
  • Optical Voltage can answer critical response support calls 24/7.
  • Optical Voltage can help troubleshoot and diagnose systems from other companies.